Shoe Traction Made Easy With Grip N Squeaks!


As a Physical Education Teacher and Basketball coach for 25 years, I became frustrated seeing my players slide around on dusty or dirty floors.  I noticed that kids would lick their hands and wipe them on the bottoms of their shoes, or worse spit on the floor and step in the spit to gain traction from the moisture. 

After years of experiencing this I decided to develop a system where players could clean the bottoms of their shoes safely and effectively without using their hands. Grip N Squeaks became the answer. Grip N Squeaks are safe (cotton and water), durable (last all season or more) and effective (you can wipe your shoes clean as often as you need to while you play). 

Grip N Squeaks are for the serious athlete looking for a competitive advantage on dusty and dirty floors.  As a former college basketball player and state champion racquetball player I know this product works. If you are serious about winning, Grip N Squeaks are for you.

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